Description of development process

Lenovo Development Community is a platform for individuals and corporations to develop Lenovo Internet mobile phone applications, by which to achieve a "win-win" situation among Lenovo,developers and customers.

First Step: Registration Once registered on Lenovo Development Community website and obtained approval, the user can sign a contract with Lenovo to become its developer.

Second Step: Application Submission Submit your application software to us. After verification, your application software will be available for download to all users.

Third Step: Balance CheckIf the application generates revenue, at the begining of each month Lenovo will check last month's sales with you and transfer your income to your designated bank account.

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Welcome individuals and corporations who are interested in developing applications for LePhone to become a partner of Lenovo Development Community. Here you can not only obtain development tools, documents and technical support, but also sell your own products and realize your dream.

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